Cloverleaf combines design thinking, creative insights and practical business analytics to deliver actionable innovations.

We maintain a "future focus" and an entrepreneurial spirit to provoke new thinking and simplify complex challenges. We create fresh brand strategies, new product development, design strategies and business solutions. We help our clients move beyond just "good ideas" to true marketplace successes. We deliver exceptional experiences – for our clients, stakeholders and consumer/end-users.

Complex challenges demand simplicity.

The business world is increasingly complex – and changing faster than ever. At this “market pace” if you aim for today, you’ll hit yesterday. Cutting through the clutter, yet maintaining a global perspective and “future focus” helps us to define simple solutions that aren’t simplistic – but have the necessary clarity to be embraced within an organization, and throughout the supply chain.

Lucidly framing – and, as necessary re-framing – project goals provides critical alignment and helps galvanize key opportunities.




Innovation is unique thinking optimized.

The myopic view of innovation focuses on “the idea,” however, what happens before and after ideation ultimately defines success. Meaningful insights and inspiration along with emerging trends and technologies provoke new thinking. And beyond simply identifying the “big idea” is the critical path from prioritization through validation and, in turn, commercialization, sell-in and sell-through.

Recognizing that innovation is challenging to implement, our comprehensive approach delivers elegant execution and focused, market-savvy strategies for brands, products and services.


No two innovation projects are alike.

Unique business situations demand unique solutions – so while a well-defined process and thousands of successful global projects inform our approach, each engagement is highly customized. We draw from an extensive toolbox of adaptive techniques and methodologies to best address your specific challenge, corporate culture, budget, timing and desired result. It’s a vigorous approach: always questioning, re-assessing, and driving fresh thinking.

We combine best practices from diverse creative and strategic disciplines to bring actionable, insightful solutions to your unique challenges.




Let’s innovate great things…together.

We don’t innovate in a vacuum: our approach is holistic and inclusive. Strategists, designers, creatives, researchers, analysts, futurists, trend experts and more – our team works with you to create a vibrant mix of perspectives and talent. Subject Matter Experts from around the globe add yet another informed point-of-view.  Diverse and dynamic thinking challenges expectations and push us collectively to powerful and unexpected results.

We are dedicated to building great things: using a highly collaborative process to deliver creative and viable solutions that drive top-line growth.